Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A & E tv

Is there a place a gal can go to find entertainment that involves crime dramas, paranormal activities, and maybe a WT family or two? There is! There is such a place and it's called Channel 40!


Paranormal State: I enjoy so much watching people with Haunted Houses trying to discover if they really have a ghost or if they are just crazy. Either way it's just creepy enough to put me to sleep soundly.

Dog the Bounty Hunter and his brigade of anti criminal red-necks....... It fills me with such joy to see them "shake down" the bad guys and run in and out of houses like a real band of authoritarians.

Crossing Jordan: surprisingly delightful

Third Watch: all I can say is.......MY FAVORITE!

Intervention: Makes me cry like they are members of my own family.

The First 48: Just Magical! Again the hunt is on and it's "real" investigators this time! Holy Cheese the excitement!

The days of boring tv are over. I have a gem. A treasure among the crap and it's name is