Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A great new look

Reyna wore a new hat today.
It looked like unto a jesture hat. On the ends it has little pom poms.
Eleni walks up, gives the ends a light tug so that the top is flat, and say "there. Now you look like a pinata."


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

It starts...

Cold and flu season has begun. I was down four kids yesterday and the ones that were there were having a "cough Olympics." Beware gang the stories are about to get better.
Think of it 15 kids. 1 class room. 2 teachers. the possiblities are endless.

Monday, November 06, 2006

A Horse Of A Different Color

Saturday I was at the mall with my bosses kids. (she was out of town and I stayed with her kids.) And were playing with those grab machines trying to win a toy from the game. ( I never win these things.) And that's what I thought in my head. "I Never Win These Things."
Suddenly there was a voice in my head. It wasn't mine. It was Meggie's! (one of my massage instructors.)
It was the old "Possitive Affermation. Will it to happen" lecture. (Yea, loud and clear!)

So I tried it. An "experiment on the word" if you will.

I said. "I'm going to win this." (it was a Care Bear) So I thought "I'll give it to Meggie to give to Maddie after I win it." (Maddie is her daughter.)

I Got it in one shot.

It was so COOL!


I told Shannon "Dude you have to try this." I gave her two quarters and SHE GOT IT.

I thought "This is Amazing!!!"

"Matt. Come 'ere. Take these two quarters and try to get something from the grab machine. Believe you'll get it. Don't doubt it." HE GOT IT!

It was the coolest thing ever!

From there the day just kept getting better. Mostly durring my clinic shift. I had 5 AMAZING Bodywork sessions. And I got Fab. evaluations from all of my clients. One of them a staff member who gets worked on allthe time. And another who has been coming to the clinc for the past 10 years and said that in "about 250 Massages" i was among his top five.
It was s o cool cause all of my clients were like "Dude you are going to be able to work anywhere you want. Your amazing"
I could go into way more detail but its too long.
Totally a Supper Awesome Amazing Day!!!!!