Thursday, March 30, 2006

Pressure Much...?

I was involvd in an accident today. some lady hit my bumper as i was driving the big Advnture Time van. it was all fast. no one was hurt, but dude ya wanna talk pressure. Drive a van with 10 kids that belong to 10 different sets of parents. Parents who might well be very angery with you if you were to say.....get into an accident with their child in your ride. And then you will understand PRESSURE.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

in response to Em

5 movies you can watch over and over
1) anything geared towards children
2) Steel Magnolias
3) Raising Helen
4) joe Versus the volcano
5) hello dolly

5 embarrassing songs you know all the words to:
1) anything by Reba McEntire
2) ice ice baby - Vanilla Ice
3) Baby got back - ?????
4) hail holy queen - sister act nuns
5) in pictures - Linda Davis

5 Memorable halloween costumes:
1) Raggity Ann - ??
2) a missionary - 21
3) Belle - 26
4) a doctor - ??
5) a garbage can - ??

5 celebraties you sespect to be alien:
1) the entire cast of Gilmore Girls
2) Steve Bushemy
3) Molly Shannon
4) Jackie Chan
5) David Duchovney

5 occupations you know you could not have:
1) Plumber. - I'm against crack in public
2) Politian. - I don't even like thinking about the future
3) Reporter. - I don't like the news
4) poet. - I can't ryme
5) Lawyer. - i can't spell big words

5 books I have recently read outside of school:
1) Frog and toad are friends
2) the magicians nephew
3) No David
4) Wicked
5) an idiot girls christmas

5 ways to spend a perfect afternoon
1) hiking
2) playin softball with friends
3) rollerbladding with my boys
4) watching a long movie
5) hanging out at the pool

5 Lines you have blatenly stolen from a movie, TV, commercials, etc.:
1) "if she doesn't back off I'm gunna spike her Tab with Draino" -Adventues in Babysitting
2) "come here ya big bald beautiful man" -X Files
3) "he's got the heart of a champian" -Homestar Runner
4) "Pickle claw...Toliet paper claw..." -Ellen
5) "oh Honey. No" -Will and Grace

5 not your favorite foods but foods you eat:
1) Veggies
2) skittles
3) frozen pizza's
4) pudding
5) Candy

5 People that must respond ASAP:
2)I know
3)is already

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Weekend times

for two consecutive weeks i've had awesome weekends. It's been so great.
Last weekend on Fridayafter work a buch of us from the preschool went to dinner at Sweets. (awesome food) ate for hours tried some new food. it was great after that three of us drove up to SLC to Chicken out of going clubbing. yea we got all the way to SLC and the brave one chickened out. LAME.
Saturday rocked...we went to an awsome villa dance party. oh good times. The Chad can thow a mean party Aye, folks.
Sunday I went to my new ward with Em. Sweet!! I like it there.

This weekend was the same kind of good times. Friday night we went to dinner at an Elsalvadorian resturant. SO GOOD. Then we went to a Villa bash and chased Pulse the leperchan. It rocked!
Saturday I ran all over town makin' a movie with Jay. Came home and got ready to go to the Harry Krishna Bash. I got color splashed and caught on fire. It was totally wicked!!
Sunday did the new ward thing and finished my first week of homework. And now Jay and I are putting the finishing touches on the film.
Life is good when it's bussy.