Friday, April 29, 2005


My word man I love this day. It's my favorite!

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Has this ever happened to you?

You are going happily about your dailey life and something increadabley simple happens. However this very simple thing is something that knocks you for a loop. It's something that you've always expected would happen at some point. It's meaningless. It has no real value, but when it happens you'll be ready for it, Right? You've always been ready for this day. This moment to arrive. It's not going to destroy your happy world no matter how much it wants to. You are in control. This moment will pass as easily as the one just before it.


I always figured that the moment would arrive, I would panic, and then be left to either look crazy or explain myself. That day has come and gone. And for those that were witnessto it I do appologize.
I've explained myself, my life, and my crazy family for many years. Sometimes it gets to be all too much. I haven't ever really minded before now. But I've experianced some growth in the past little while. I've come to the realization that not as many people's families are much like mine. (not as many as I thought) Not that I'm embarassed of them, far from it. I think, however, I do feel sorry for them. I wish I could teach them more about what life is about. About how fear is the only thing we need conquire. How mastering our own self is the key to joy and happiness.

Without disclosing what happened it just needs to be said, I'm not crazy. I'm quite normal. And, save a few things, well adjusted. I hope for the best. In all things. For all people. Even my crazy family. And yes, even myself.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Teacher Lisa's Playground Man

Yet another fun filled day with the little ones. This morning I was talking with Madeline. We call her Maddie. And upon viewing my necklace she was inspired with the following conversation:
M: Is that your wedding necklace Teacher Lisa?
Me: No, Sweetie. I'm not married.
M: Why Not? (soft not yet forceful. Her mom just recently got married.)
Me: Because I'm not. (softly)
M: Why? (more forceful.)
Me: Because I don't have anyone to marry. (spoken as a child entertainer)
M: (Thinking. Long pause.) You need maybe a boyfriend then? (hope and helpfulness detected in voice.)
Me: Yea. (sarcasm)
M: I find you a boyfriend.
Me: You will? (shock)
M: Yea when we go outside time.
Me: Thanks Maddie.
M: Yea.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

more then life sized

Have you ever seen a child when they meet someone famous. Like Mickey Mouse. Or Santa. Or any of theose beloved charactors in over sized suits. It's like heaven and fear somehow combined and if they don't scream or run away they will explode or the face will somehow be removed from thier body.
Today Smokey the Bear came to visit my little loves, and you know what floored me? Not the kids that were excited. Not the ones that were terrified. But the one that had just come back from Disneyland two weeks ago and every day she shows me a new picture of her smiling and waving standing next to some more then life sized being. But some how in the comfort of her own school in her home town the pressure was too much and unfortunatley....she exploded. I think it may take a couple of days to get the bits and pieces back together.

Monday, April 25, 2005


Today as I traveled down breeze way of the school. Past the playground where the Zebra class was playing. I heard the voice of my now favorite child say in her four year old voice
"Teacher you look Hot!"
As she continued to play on her swing I thought to myself.......

Bless you my child. Bless you.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Oh the skies

Kids....Are funny people. On Thursday moning I was having a conversation with a lttle boy by the name of Derek. The conversation went as follows:
D: You got 6 brotheres?
Me: No
D: You got 6 brothers?
Me: No
D: You got 6 brothers
Me: No Derek I have 2 brothers.
D: (with a look of couriousness) Wha's they names?
Me: One is Kevin and one is Sean?
D: ( now even more courious) Wha's yo Dads name?
Me: His name was Chuck
D: Hmmm ( scratching his chin) Wha's you mom's name?
Me: Her name is Judy.
D: (nodding his 3 year old head) Judy? Yea. like that guy.
Me: Yea She's....she's a good guy.
And then he left to steel a barbie from a friend.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Dude Stabbed me in the neck

I am excited to be joining all of my friends here in the land of Blog.
Today, to start with I would like to remind you of a fun story about my dear relative whom I call brother.
Once upon a time in the land of Troutdale Bother Kevin was Stabbed in a bar fight. He died twice in the ambulance on the way to the hospital. (Let's just say he leads a life of riotous living.) After sugery some staples and many doses of morphine he was just fine. His best Friend arrived at the hospital shortly after I did. His red hair blazed into the room and in a rare form of languge I like to call "dude" James said:
J: Kevin? What happen man?
K: Dude stabbed me in the neck.( dopped up dude)
J: Why'd he do tha? (cring dude)
K: Guess I was talkin' out my neck so he shu in fer me.
J: Well he didn't have to stab you in the neck.

I then excused myself. Because I could see that outward laughter would not be seen as acceptable at that moment.

This week I talked to my mother and the moron has been shot! Oh no worries he's fine but I sometimes wonder what it is the drives him to live his life in a maner that is so unsaticfying.
K:Dude shot me in the leg
Me: Why'd he do tha?
K: Guess I was runnin' too fast so he had to take me down.
Me: Well He didn't have to shoot you int he leg. He could have just stabbed you in the leg.