Friday, July 28, 2006

a complex man

Today i rode the bus to school as usual. I went early for a study session before my final. ( I got an A on the final. barely) I had a different driver then normal.
This dude was crazy! Every time a woman got on the bus he was very nice and smiled all the normal things a bus driver should be. Every time a man got the bus he either tried to leave them, tell them they didn't have enough money or (my personal favorite)try to run them over. There was a man and his 10 yr old son getting thier bikes off of the front bike rack and he kept reving the engine at them! I was thinking "Dude. What's your damage. They aren't waisting time. Chill out!"
He was so odd.

Sometimes I wonder what leads a person to a job. And what keeps them there. (Kinda like my job right now.)

Anyhow the guy was a freak and I many more are there?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Sean Patrick Sparks

Today my kids were out on the playground. As usual. Playing and making up there own fun, when I over heard my little Sean:
My name is Sean Patrick Sparks. Someday. When I'm a man. My name will be Captain. Jack. Sparrow.
Then He tilted one eyebrow at the girl he was talking to as if to say "Ya see I've already got a pirate eye."

Sunday, July 23, 2006

could i see that again

okay don't be scared wheen i tell you i have a new hobbie. ive been playing in the bars as of late. doing some people watching and dancing my size 8 bum into a size 6. good times.
last night while shakin it at the big easy a guy was tryng to pick up on my friend lisa.
basicly the pick up line was something like
i saw you and your friend last night. but i wasnt sure it was you until your friend [me] turned round and i recognized dunk a dunk.

that's right people my toosh can be pulled from a line up.
there were a lot of bums in that place last night. and mine stood out above the crowd.
way to go. i wonder what am i going to do with all that junk up in my trunk.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

somebody call 911

Last Saturday i was awakened by the sound of my cell phone ringing at 7 in the morning. it was a 911 operator.
O:Are you okay ma'am?
Me: huh?
O: This is 911. we got a call from this number. are you okay?
...long story short i some how rolled over my phone while slepping an dialed 911 and left them with an open line for about 12 minutes.
My bad 911. My Bad.