Sunday, December 25, 2005


so i have been meaning to write down some of my new favorite quotes from my kids.

the kids on Rudolph,
"....and if you ever saw it you would even say it BLOWS" connor

the kids on shoes.
"Teacher Lisa my dada got me super fast super cool super suave new shoes." Nakoa

the kids on Santa,
"aaaaaaahhhh yaaaaaay wooooooooooo." all of them

the kids on cars,
"i like my moms car. it has a lot of things in it." Jordan

Alexi on Moshood,
Me: Alexi get off of Moshood........kidding
Alexi can't say his name so she calls him "Tissue"

the end

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

oh the children

so the kids are on one. they are killing me. don't they know that "santa is coming"
my jonnathan my sweet little jonnathatn has taken up whining. like nobody's business. oh he's good at too. too good at it.
the other day one of my boys filled a toilet to the rim with paper towels.
and why do i have to constantly repeat myself about not licking things they shouldn't be licking and keeping their sleeves out of their mouths.
is it so hard.
they've started this new habbit of talking over me when i am addressing the class. wonder where they got that.AMY (ps today was her last day. Hooray.
i want my sweet kids back. i want a partner teacher that knows SOMETHING about children.
i want a teacher next door who knows something anything.

i want heather

Sunday, December 04, 2005

it wasn't my day

-i woke up an hour before my alarm
-it's saterday.
-i can go back to sleep. even the sales don't start for another two hours.
nope aparently my body isn't sleepy...
-why not
-oh look law and order


(i like early mornings. and early morning sales. there is no one around. barely even sales reps asking if they can help you find something.)

-work christmas party lunch thing....
-yea friends and fun
-ops i tripped in front of everybody.
-just because you dont want to be the stupid volenteer doesnt mean you ALL need to shout out my name. get your own damn ideas. freaks
-ops i'm among the volenteers
-ops my fly is down
-can i go home now.

-movies friends yea
-i'm sleepy
-what do you mean it's only 9:00 pm
-10:something good night
-10: something + a few minutes.....i'm teaching tomorrow...choooooou (ch as in "K")
-i'll do it in the morning
-good night

Saturday, December 03, 2005

i would if i could but i cant

welcome to the holidays Ritz style. where all year long we ignore each other for the most part. then ma gets to fake like shes offended when we don't all come home. as far as i know non of us are going to make it home this year. sean has to work kevin can't yet leave the state. and i can't go...i have rehearsal. and the biggest reason of all. none of us can afford to travel.