Thursday, September 29, 2005


So I was on my way home today. I was flyin' on my blades. I was making great time. I was almost home. I hit a groove in the sidewalk that was going the same direction as my feet got stuck in it and CRASHED! Oh it was beautiful. Luckily the only one there was a very attractive man in a very expensive vehicle. I landed right on my tail bone swore at the groove. He asked if I was okay I of course said yes without looking up or back. Picked my dirty self up and slowly bladed the last 20 ft. home.
My ass is killing me. I feel like mom just gave me whatfore.
The revolation in all of this:
I will never be one of those women who think "Spanking" is hot.

Friday, September 23, 2005

An Easy Fix

She wanted the swing. But HE was still on it. Slowly, gently she approched the boy.
Asking him for the swing would not give her the results she needed. She knew the answer before she asked. She looked around "Is Teacher Looking" she checked "NO." (Oh but I was)
He had slowed down enough for her to move in. She made her move. She sprang at the swing, hoping to knock himto the ground. It had failed, hewas still in part on the swing. With all of her might she swung her arm in an effort to knock him further from the swing. Full force she hit his back neck and head with one swipe.

Me: (from the bench) Araya get over here young lady. You know better. That's not Okay! Bench Now!"

She was shocked. Had she actually been caught in the act of her fury? She was now in trouble. How could this be? She was the kind one. The helpful one. the one who never gets in trouble. She was shocked to be in this place. She was momentarily paralized. IN TROUBLE! NOOOOOO! To the bench she slowley trudged. How could this have happened?

"how did I get here. HOW HOW HOW?"
And was over.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

the new girl

there is a new girl in town. I'm not one to dislike people. But she's driving me crazy. Really didn't know it possible to be annoied so completely for no reason except SHE BUGS ME. It's new for me.
Wow....She really bugs.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

3 fold mission

My reasons for typing today are three fold:
1)Envy turned to rage.

You see today one of my girls woore a t-shirt that says "I Heart My Daddy." Yesterday one of my other girls wore the same shirt. Today's girl was playing and yesterdays girl came to me with a blaze of fire in her eyes and said in a very accusitory tone "Teacher Lisa, She's wearing my same shirt.!?" then she looked at me as if today Whatever will we do? This is a nightmare. We're not supposed to have the same cloths. We're not close. Please. Please do something about this. Help me to solve this most perplexing of cunundrums.
It was a really sad face.

2)Fox Fire

As mant of you know and some of you will soonknow'm a Freak. No it's true. I've known it for a long tme. I've just been in denile. As each day progresses I'm made more and more aware of ths situation.
Now I've been a closet Sci-Fi fan for years. As a young teen I couldn't get enough of Star Trek the next Genereation. This wouldn't be such a problem for me but I reealy hate Bad Acting. It seems as though the Sci-Fi world is riddled with it. However for some reason not yet known to me it is thew only genre wherein I find t tollerable.
This past year I bought the entire X-Files series on DVD. Turely David coould ues a couple more "Career Classes" Thank goodness for Gillian Anderson havng some skills. I do wonder what it iis inside me that says this is fasinating. That these consepts that only exist on screen are some how captivating.What wiill happen in my future that wll draw me in again.
What brought all of this on is Fox. No not the network. Not the cute little animal. Not even my beloved FBI man. No No. The freakishness goes far beyond.
There is a new boy at school....His name is Fox. For this reason alone I adore him. He's a sweet fun, playful little kid But I love him because his name is Fox. HOW COOL IS THAT?!!


Today I got Karma. I've decided to slow down on the Coke. But today I HAD to have at least 32oz. I got back to work. Opened a door and spilled it all down my pants. Yea it was Karma alright. Dang Karma.
I wonder if it has anything to do with flipping off that stupiid driver yesterday. WOW! Karma doesn't take to long to get back to you does it!?!

What a Day. :)

Sunday, September 11, 2005


I love to go camping. I went camping this weekend. I loved it. We had wind that kept me awake all night. I woke up dirty and smelling like campfire. I had dirt in places I didn't know you could get dirt. I loved it. It made me miss being camp counselor. It made me want to go back to the good ol' days of outdoors 24/7. Oh how I love the out doors. I can't explain it except to say it brings me energy and vigor. I feel alive after outside time. Not that I don't get enough at recess but there is something about being there without other peoples kids. I love to be out there. I want to have a job were i can be out side in warm weather all the time. Not so much like a life gaurd. Maybe one of those people who take troubled teens on those journey's in the mountains for months at a time. I could be one of the guides that just walks the trail. Not so much a counselor but a guide. Maybe work my way up to counselor. Who knows.....
Maybe I'll just become a circus freak.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Wow I went to Kneaders a couple of weeks I'm a little bit in love. I'm not gunna lie. It was heaven. And since that time everytime it's time to eat I want to go there.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

13 going on 30

Today I went to one of those fun little countiy fair things. With Sheep dogs on the main bill. It was prity cool.Interesting at least. The best part of the day came when we were going into the fair grounds. As we were paying for the tickets the woman in the both said "Well Hun if your only 15 you can get in for only....."

In my head: Are you kidding me with this. I'm closer to 30 then 20. And your giving me the little kid discount.I know somewhere in my mind I'm thinking YEA! I look SO young! But I don't think I can respect it until I'm 40. Because aperently I still look like some kind of High school akwardness. Oh Calgone, take me away.

Sheep Dogs are cool.