Saturday, July 23, 2005


So I just heard a great story.
My friends family went to visit Grandma and they have a six year old.
I kid you not every half hour Grandma would say "Oh when did you get here. I'm so glad to see you."
The six year old , recently falling in love with 'Finding Nemo', Looks at mom and says " She's just like Dori isn't she?"
I love it!

Friday, July 22, 2005


Wow I can't believe I made it this far. Here I am, 26 years old and really not much to show for it. Past ambitions dropped and picked back up. I wonder if I can fill in the broken part before mom finds out I dropped it.
I think I'm nearing a spiritual rock bottom. I know it's normal to go through withdrawls after the removal of a mantel but this has gone on long enough. I feel removed and separated from everyone and everything, even myself. I'm loosing my desire to move and do. Become the sloth I've always feared. I've become bitter and uneasy over things that really matter nothing. My guilty pleasures seem, at times, to be my only pleasures.
What the devil is wrong with me? I'm better then this. I know I am. I've worked my ass off not tho become this person. Still here I sit all broken hearted. What is a girl to do?
Don't miss understand I still feel joy in the things I alwasy have. But I fear I have lost my rythem for it.
Man I can't wait to get out of this place. I know it's only a small part of the problem but it sure clouds my judgement of myself.

Monday, July 11, 2005

A Child Goes Forth

Last wek te kids were on a roll. Each day when I came home there was a new story to tell of some small little guy of gal being oh so clever. Here are some of the highlights.

Once again with the months of the year song, Logan sings out with all his might "...June July and Elvis...."
In my head: Did he just say Elvis. He did he said Elvis.....That's awesome. Little dude just said Elvis on purpose . He knows it's Augest and he said Elvis to be funny....Oh my Gosh He's HI- Larrrrrr-I-us.

Kyler age 2 useing the potty. Teacher Norma behind him.
"Kyler make sure you...."
Kyler turns around because he heard his name.
"Ahhhhh! He peed on me!"
Yea he got her right on the foot.

Caden: Teacher Lisa watch me do my cool trick on the slide.
Me: Wow Caden that was aesome! Gimme Five. (The trick was fairly cool and difficult for a three year old.)
He runs over to me to give me five he swings his hand, misses mine, falls to the ground, Jumps back up, swings again, misses, falls this time hurting himself, returns again to his feet, looks at me with a smidgen of distain, tries one last time, makes contact with the hand still falls then struts away.

In the Dolphin class (5 yr olds) I sat down on one of the little chairs.
Maddison: Teacher Lisa your gunna break it.
Me: (my face loosing any smile it had) Did you just call me fat?
Maddison: (Her face loosing all expression except for fear along with the other 2 children at the table.) Nooooo!

I laughed out loud.She looked so scared. Then Relieved. I swear I heard the inside of her head go "Wheew. That was a close one."