Monday, November 03, 2008

Geeeee- Rooooos

I love my job. It's enjoyable and quiet. At the end of the day I get in the car and turn up the volume as loud as I can stand it. It's a beautiful thing.
Sometimes it's not so beautiful. Ya know when clients forget to wash their feet before they come in, or when they have big ol' nasty things growing on their backs.
Somewhere, someone said "don't let the little things bother you," but someone else said "it's the little things that count." Then another wise one said "Don't sweat the petty stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff."
I agree with the latter of course.
My point. My point? I don't have a point.
But for real people lets clean it up around here, Aye

Friday, September 12, 2008

in the still of the...mid day

The world of massage therapy is full of quiet time, peaceful sounds, soft lighting and most importantly for Arizona in August Air Conditioning.
Last week while in a session I had a new experience. The massage was going well. Client was a bit chatty. (I like those ones. I can only here the over head music so many times before the illusion of the ocean escapes me.) Suddenly there was no music. There was also no lights, No Power! and (you guessed it) NO Air Conditioning.
In August!
In Arizona!
Client: Well it's not a problem for me. You can just keep working.
Me: (on the outside) No problem. We can just light a candle . :)
(on the inside) I'm gunna die.
30 minutes later the power came back on. Apparently the whole block had lost power. But I feel justified in saying that we suffered the most at our little clinic. Not because we were able to carry on our business, but because in was a small room. closed in. with a heat radiating light. and my chatty friend was also a smelly one.
The up shot you ask?
The Stupid ocean stopped rolling in and the damn birds were finally quiet!
I gotta talk to the boss man about changing our internal music.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008


so the other day i was stretching my clients arm. something I do in every massage, cause it feels good to stretch.
so I have this guys arm above his head its a little stiff so I extend the stretch a little longer and
my hands are to slippery from the lotion and his hand flies out of my grip and
punches me in the stomach!

oh yea I got skills!
i wonder where they are?

Friday, June 20, 2008

Being a Pro

The other day a client made a comment to me:

C: "Oh I don't know, your the expert..."
Me in my head: ha ah I'm an expert!?! People think I'm a professional. Really? Come on! I'm just goofy Lisa. A kid with a dream and a job. Professional?
Get outta here!

Me on the outside: what that means is that your patelar cartiledge is out of allignment.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

What do you do........

...........When you get lied to?
someone you know tells half truths and half stories?
Leaves out details that are important?
Tells you one thing, and tells everyone else another?
(I don't have children so don't go there.)
what do you do?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


i love days off

i love any reason not to have to be at work

i do enjoy work

but i the "have to" that comes along with work

i like knowing that i'm free

i like kickin it and not having to worry about money, bills, checks, and bank accounts

i got a sun burn today

no worries cause it was a day off and there were no cares


Friday, May 09, 2008

Reasons I amuse my self, part one

It was a busy day.
The days events all required different foot wear.
While getting into my car this morning I realized I had three pairs of shoes with me.
While getting out of my car this evening I realized I was bare foot.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Dear Kat

Remember how a couple summers ago you turned me to the light and showed me the love of "Buffy?" (that was good times)
And before that, we bonded on the love of (ahem) "That's So Raven."
Today I discovered Discovery Kids. A cable channel for kids of course.
I watched a tv show called "Flight 29 Down." ( it was amusing and kind of like "Lost" but for kids.) It was starring a bunch of kids I don't recognize from anything, with the exception of the kid with the awesome hair and screen T's from "High School Musical." (CB)
I am addressing this blog to you Kat, because it seems to me that you would be the friend that would understand this sad life I live where child entertainment is still amusing to me.
My mother would be so proud.
I was doing laundry and didn't change the channel and the next show came on.
"Bindy's Jungle"
Oh yeah. I watched it.
I learned about wild dogs on three different continents and realized that this 8 year old knows more then me.
Sure her dad is the Croc. man.
Sure her mom is from Oregon. (yea mom!)
Sure she is reading a prompter as she goes.
But still....
she appears smarter then me...
(Why am I feeling competitive with an 8 Yr.Old?)

the point.

I am thinking about going to collage.
your thoughts?

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

well folks. i dyed my hair.
it was supposed to be dark brown.
i left it on too long.
my hair is black.
i kinda like it.
but kinda don't like it.

the job is going well.
it can be exhausting.
some days i do energy work with the massage, those are the most tiring.
i did three that way today.
two of them were 80 min.

this is the most boring post i have ever made.

lets liven things up a bit.

it was an average day in the sunny town of Scottsdale Arizona. There was a slight breeze.....

( that was for Em.)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

bla bla blaaaa.

So I'm not moving away. Yet.
My life here in the U.S. will continue but I am curious as to what is next.

moving on...

I learned a new modality of massage today. (hot stone)
I'm excited to practice and do it at work.

I am in the process of reading a book. And now thanks to Jay I have like 12 books I want to read.

I just hung new posters in my room. Yes they are anatomy charts and my room now looks like half office half sleeping, tv watching, dressing, grooming place. But hey... I can hang.

I got new shoes today and I'm looking forward to wearing them a lot. Mostly cause there are 4 new pairs!

Even though I had to work today I still got time by the pool so all is well.

I'm making good tips in the new job and money matters seem to be falling into place.

I did drop my phone today and broke it. But it's all good cause I'm due for an upgrade!

It's all good, yo!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

modern livin

I'M MOVING A W A Y ! ! !
I've had it with gas prices!
I've had it with needing things that I don't want for myself!
I've had it with living just to pay bills to people I don't know, care for, or respect!
I've had it with living a life that means someone else can live off my money!
I've had it with Uncle Sam taking his cut before I'm allowed to get paid!
I've had it with being given my measly portion every OTHER Friday!

I want to move to a far away place. Live in a hut. Maybe become a fisherman. I hate fish but maybe I could work something out with one of the other locals, a trade of some kind.

I just don't want this. This being here to pay "The Man"...........

Stupid Man!

Stupid stupid man!

I want a more perfect place.
I want a world were no one needs gas.
I want a world were there is no "man" only just men.
I want a world were things are simple and not so complex.
I want a world were freedom means actual freedom.
I want a world were play is still innocent.
I want a world were popcorn doesn't burn......
(okay strike the popcorn thing)

Can I find such a place. I don't need Wonderland. I need vacation. I need away.
I need....a second job. stupid man.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

I Understand....

1) I understand...Why people enjoy science fiction.

2) I understand...Why mothers tell you to clean up your room.

3) I understand...Why crazy people need space.

4) I understand...Why Brittney Spears had a career.

5) I understand...Why young children have need of a bed time.

6) I understand...Why muscles get tight.

7) I understand...Why its funny when Worf says "delicious."

8) I understand...Why domino's are entertaining.

9) I understand...Why its cool to wear sunglasses.

10) I understand...Why the X-Files was good TV.

11) I understand...Why Dolphins are cute.

12) I understand...Why a dramatic pause can be so effective.

13) I understand...Why people endure pain to look cool or pretty.

14) I understand...Why Em is afraid of spiders.

15) I understand...Why bikers make me weak in the knees.

What I don't understand is how Paris Hilton has a career? Or how she is viewed as a "roll model?" Who are these self loathing young people who say to them selves......"ya that Paris Hilton. That's what I wanna be."
It's like those old commercials for a drug free America.
You know the one....
"No one ever says. I wanna be a junkie when I grow up."
Why Paris?
Why have you brought yourself out and about. Why do I have to know who you are?
Money sucking. Porno making. Self destructive. Angry. Lonely. Misplaced little doll.
Why can't you take those billions of dollars to a good shrink or a "Life Coach" and learn how to be a human being, not a star.
Be your own star little buddy.
Just keep scrapin' along.
Call me. Maybe I can talk ya down from that ledge of disarray.

Poor Paris.

Poor us.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Tuesday Off

I hate Tuesday's! I always have. I understand that most of the world has this strong aversion to Monday. But I can handle a Monday. Getting up, being busy all day, ending the day tired because i worked at a disappointing job all day...I can handle that. But doing it all again the next day, now THAT pisses me off!
I have a new job working at a spa in Scottsdale...and guess what?
Yes world you can't bring me down. Throw at me what you will. It will be to no avail. Ya see I have a secret. I have some thing special in my heart. Something that you can't take away from me.
Have Tuesday's off!
I'm going to the Zoo today...Not what I did yesterday. I worked yesterday.
Today the Zoo.
And I will work tomorrow.
But today is here, and it begins with freedom. (begin whistling "glory glory hallelujah now)
Freedom from work.
Freedom from care.
Freedom from responsibility.
Freedom from.......what every the %@$# I say!

Tuesday off.
You should try this.

Friday, March 28, 2008

What happened to the dream?

I'm at a lose my friends. I want so much to pursue the dream but I am feeling a bit discouraged. Everything in my life seems to be to "work for the bills." I hate this feeling. I want to act. I want to do more then have the everyday life.
Stupid being a grown up!
What does a girl do when the reality of life is fighting for the lead roll. I don't want to play the roll of everyday. I want to do more. I want to BE more.
But everything is money. And I don't have any. All I have is talent and that at best is getting rusty. And that wont buy plane tickets or pay an agent or afford classes.
They say if you have something to fall back on you will.
This bites! HARD!
Is there a time in life when one is really supposed to "give up" on dreams? I don't want that to be true. We are dreamers. We are players. I am more then everyday Jane American Billpayer.
Have you ever had a dream?
Are you fulfilling yours?
Do you like what you are doing with your life now?
Do you feel there is more to life then what you are doing?

Monday, March 24, 2008

Next Up...

The Next thing I"m going to learn to do is put pictures on my blog and on face book. Oh the times they are aheadin ' well ahead . And it's time to get ahead. Yea Me!
I'm getting ahead.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Bless You Jay! I am back to the land of blog! I was out of it. I couldn't get back into my blog. And now here I am one year later through the assistance of my dear good buddy Jay! Bless that man!

Well reader so much has happened in the year plus that I feel it necessary to skip past all of it and forge on ahead.

I currently live in Chandler Arizona. It is always warm. And that keeps me happy. I love it here. I live with my best friend. Which has its highs and lows. (we all know how girls get when the estrogen syncs up) I'm positive that I am the Crazy room mate. And I wear it with pride.

There will be more to attest to in the coming days. But for now I must go watch Wayne's World with Jay. The Beloved.

I'm Back! hehe