Saturday, February 25, 2006

dirty ball

I was playing basketball with my boys at outside time. they like to play "dirty ball" that means they get to use their ball to knock your ball off the court so you have to chase your ball down while they shoot. its
so my good little buddy hit my ball out four times. so it was time to turn the table. i grabbed my ball and bounced his ball high.

then KARMA

I hit his ball, it hit the rim of the hoop and bounced back and hit me in the face.
can you say fat lip. bloody nose and teary eyes.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

the force

today one of my boys told me had "the force"
"look" he said
then he licked his hand and pushed it slowly at another girl. She, of course, leaned back to get away from "the hand" and he said.
" see. the force."
Man I love that kid.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

by request: Ring-Pop Boy

we had been dating for a while. the relationship had run it's course and I was preparing to end it. I had given it a weeks grace period but it was no help. we had a date that friday night. I would tell hm then. at the last minute he told me he had invited some friends to join us for dinner. SUPRISE. (never think that a control freak will like a suprise. we never do.)
So we went to dinner with the gang. Good Times.
Then we were to go to a movie. With the Gang. SUPRISE #2
I found a reason not to go.
(I think he thought I wanted to be alone with him. true. 'cause it was break up hour.)
Randomly we went to visit some more of his friends. (I think he was showing me off. FREAK)
Finaly we went to a park. (SUPRISE #3. my turn.) we talked a while and just as I opedned my mouth to tell him I needed some space he says I have something for you.
(Still SUPISE #3. not yet my turn i guess.)
He puts on some music.(Titanic)
He has me get out of the slow dance in the parking lot.(I don't dance)
We dance toward the back of the car and he opens the trunk.(Am I about to die?)
He pulls out some flowers.(Oh gee. I feel another suprise coming on.)
We dance.(I Don't Dance.)
He spins me out and I fall.( I DON'T DANCE MORON!)
He picks me up but he stays down. (says...........lots of words.)
He presents me with.......A Ring Pop!!!!??!?!?!
a ring pop.
yea buddy glad to know you were so sure of this that you went for the gold. glad to know you tried to learn stuff about ME so that when you asked ME to marry YOU, you'd be sure to present ideas That Would Appeal To All Those OTHER GIRLS You Dated BEFORE me.

Oh Ring Pop Boy. I can't marry you. For you do not know who I am. And you have done nothing to show me that you know or CARE about Who I Am. You see I'm not an ideal. I'm a person. An Individual if you will. And that seems to be a consept that has escaped you.
Thank you for this lovely hard cand and plastic. But there's a reason why DIMONDS are a girls best friend.
DIMONDS are forever. Hardened sugar will only last the night.

There it is Nessa. ENJOY!

Saturday, February 11, 2006


for six weeks i played an adict. i had to have chocolate at very turn. i fear that the adiction has lasted. all i can think about is it's rich tastey goodness. some of you saw the show. you might think why not miss the friendships or the audiances or for crin' out loud the lip action.
the story was about Ruth indeed. but the love affairs she had with Albert and Bill only come second to her love of chocolate. i think that is the one thing i will keep from the character.
Pear taught me to be kind to animals.
Hannigan taught me to love children
Ruth gave me a true love of the sweetness.

the only problem is now that i'm broke and there is no chocolate in my house.
Evil thy name is SNICKERS.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

a moment of trueth

i have a confession to make.
i heard my co actor sing on saturday....he sang a song from jekle & hyde. i knew he could sing. we all know he can sing. he's going to vegas to be n a gerat production of phantom. he's good right.

oh no my friends he's DAMN GOOD.

i'm not gunna lie. i cried a little. not sure why. but there i was sitting in a mostly empty theater. just chillin' with th cast. Allen conviced Ben to sing for us.

DAMN i cried. He's good.