Saturday, May 31, 2008

What do you do........

...........When you get lied to?
someone you know tells half truths and half stories?
Leaves out details that are important?
Tells you one thing, and tells everyone else another?
(I don't have children so don't go there.)
what do you do?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


i love days off

i love any reason not to have to be at work

i do enjoy work

but i the "have to" that comes along with work

i like knowing that i'm free

i like kickin it and not having to worry about money, bills, checks, and bank accounts

i got a sun burn today

no worries cause it was a day off and there were no cares


Friday, May 09, 2008

Reasons I amuse my self, part one

It was a busy day.
The days events all required different foot wear.
While getting into my car this morning I realized I had three pairs of shoes with me.
While getting out of my car this evening I realized I was bare foot.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Dear Kat

Remember how a couple summers ago you turned me to the light and showed me the love of "Buffy?" (that was good times)
And before that, we bonded on the love of (ahem) "That's So Raven."
Today I discovered Discovery Kids. A cable channel for kids of course.
I watched a tv show called "Flight 29 Down." ( it was amusing and kind of like "Lost" but for kids.) It was starring a bunch of kids I don't recognize from anything, with the exception of the kid with the awesome hair and screen T's from "High School Musical." (CB)
I am addressing this blog to you Kat, because it seems to me that you would be the friend that would understand this sad life I live where child entertainment is still amusing to me.
My mother would be so proud.
I was doing laundry and didn't change the channel and the next show came on.
"Bindy's Jungle"
Oh yeah. I watched it.
I learned about wild dogs on three different continents and realized that this 8 year old knows more then me.
Sure her dad is the Croc. man.
Sure her mom is from Oregon. (yea mom!)
Sure she is reading a prompter as she goes.
But still....
she appears smarter then me...
(Why am I feeling competitive with an 8 Yr.Old?)

the point.

I am thinking about going to collage.
your thoughts?