Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Chin Hair

So I was doing the make up thing this morning.I was looking good, feeling foxy and then it happened. Now I've experianced chin hair before. I know how to cope and deal with the whole situation. Ya pluck and ya move on. BUT There was a hair hanging under my face more then an inch long. PEOPLE It would behoove you to be a bit more vigalent. How long does it take for one of those little guys to get that long? Someone had to have seen it. What the devil?
I plucked it, of course, but this one is hard to move on from. What am I my Grandma? I'm going to go eat some chocolate.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

I kow it's wrong

But I saw a child being bratty yesterday. And then i saw her mom, who belives that this frequently bratty child is an angel, Catch her in the act of her brattness. Oh it was BEAUTIFUL! I had to laugh. I loved it. The End

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


So I have a long story to tell.
Years ago when I was aroud 14. I was at girls camp in mid July. We had a situation with some men coming into camp and scaring the H--- out of many of the girls and leaders. In the end there was no real danger but the campers and adults were scared anyway. One of the "Camp Dad's" was asked to give a prayer of pertection. In his prayer he asked to Lord to send down sentinals to watch and protect over our camp.
In the moment the prayer was asked through the power of the priesthood a peacful presance was among us.
Each year we returnt to the camp a few months before it all starts to clean it up and get it ready for another year ofcampers. While mowing sweeping raking and all it's just an ordinary time. But I tell you as soon as that bus rolls in with the Young Women ready for camping that peace and presance is back full force.

This year was no different in that respect. I run the ropes/challenge course for our camp now. I've been doing it for 8 years now. This year on one day I had to assist in another area of the camp. A friend of mine filled in for me on this day.
Here's the storyas told to me.
My daughter was on the trust fall. (a 5ft. Patform) I was down by her feet. the team had already "zipped up" and was ready to catcher. As she was preparing her self for the backward fall I looked at the zip. The team had sort of moved a little and the zip was no longer secure. It was too late to say a word she was already falling from the platform. There was a gap from just below her shoulder blades to her head. NOT SAFE! Before I could say a word I saw.........about 10 angels standing ready. They caught her.

If her head had hit the ground there is no telling what could have happened. The Lord blesses us in so many ways.
The Lord bless you and keep you all.
Love Ritz

Monday, August 15, 2005

music and the preschool

okay ya'll I know it has been like a decade since I last wrote but I'm back and better then ever.
let me tell you all of the wonderful things that have happening in the wonderful land of "the Ritz."

1 the children
a) First last week at the preschool it was music week. Delightful! I gave the young ones some thing new to boogie to. They learned some Queen and my personal fav. 'Evderybody dance Now" By C&C Music Factory. There is nothing better then a three year old movin' their thang to some funky na na na
b) Durring one of our dance dance revolutions one of the little girls was getting off of a table. The funny part was that in her attempt to get down she swung her legs in front of her through her arms out to the sides and then belly flopped onto the bench below. Now kids falling and being hurt is not funny. But falling into a graceful swan like belly flop is absolute hillarium.
c)today I was subbing for the house keeper. I had my hair in braids jeans on and no make up. Not my tipical uniform for work. I was walking past one of the playgrounds and one of my favorite kids says. (Favorite because she likes to compliment me.) "Teacher Lisa, You look...........not Prity." She just got "b" listed.
2 my life
a) I found that once again my best theropy comes while cleaning. Truely my Doctors name in M. Clean. I scrubbed bathrooms. Kitchens, Sinks, Livingrooms And I feel so alive. However I realize that I'm most likely buzzed from the feums. But hey I'm okay with that.
b)I met the man I'm going to marry! Yep it's true. He has a beautiful home, A Great job, A wonderful family backround, He's single, And any time I want to see him all I have to do is dream. Oh life is good.
c)There is no "c" I just don;t want to stop typing.